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Attach Rate

Attached Rate is the percent of total products that are under contract, or a number of contracts divided by customers. The Point-of-Sale (POS) distinction means that a customer obtained their service at the time they initially bought something; whereas after purchase, you can also get contracted to have this stay with you for as long as needed/wanted which makes it Post Point Of Sale(PPOS).

According to Aberdeen Group research, a mere 5% increase in the attach rate can yield a whopping 9%. Imagine how much more income could be generated by increasing that number 10 or 15%. The reason why it's so important for service leaders? Well as you'll read below... Aberdeen group analyzed almost 3 million professional services professionals across all industries over recent years and found out there are some pretty clear links between their personal financial success (or lack thereof) and how well they do onsite visits--especially those who have been doing them awhile! They also discovered just one extra visit per week results not just greater profit but nearly double job satisfaction too-so without lowering quality. Fill the form and see Field Complete in Action.

See Field Complete in Action

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