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Subcontracting software made simple

Meet Job Sharing feature.
Manage all of your subcontractors in one place with Field Complete’s Free software for your subcontractors.

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Contracts and jobs from more than
2,000 contractors & vendors directly in Field Complete software

62% of small businesses subcontract some work to other businesses to
expand their capabilities and capacity, and to take advantage of
specialized expertise

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Streamline your business

with Job Sharing

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Share and Receive Jobs

from contractors and vendors directly in Field Complete

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Free for Subcontractors

Your subcontracts will have their own free Field Complete software account.

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W2 and 1099s

Manage all of your in house employees and contractors in one place

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Split Larger Projects into Jobs

With Field Complete Subcontracting Software, you can efficiently manage complex work orders by breaking them down into smaller jobs. Keep some tasks in-house and outsource the rest to save time and money.

Efficient Work Order Management
  • Split work orders into multiple jobs
  • Perform some tasks in-house and subcontract the rest
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Complete Visibility and Control

You can have complete visibility and control over subcontracted jobs. Track progress in real-time and receive automatic updates on job status, so you always know where things stand. Manage your budget and approval process with ease using NTEs and approval statuses, all in one place

  • Monitor progress of subcontracted jobs in real-time
  • Receive automatic updates on job status
  • Manage budget and approval with ease using NTEs and approval statuses
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Workflow automation

You can automate your workflow management and easily monitor job status updates in real-time. Keep track of check-in/check-out data and before/after photos of each job, all through our user-friendly software. You will see every status update such as “On the Way” “In Progress” or “On Hold”

  • Monitor job status updates in real-time
  • View check-in/check-out data and before/after photos of each job
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Receive alerts on available jobs

You will receive alerts for available jobs and streamline your billing and payment processing. Once a subcontractor completes a job, a bill is automatically created, and you can issue payment for the work performed. Our software also allows you to manage change orders and billing in one place, so you can stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

  • Receive alerts for available jobs
  • Automate bill creation and payment processing
  • Manage change orders and billing in one place
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73% of middle market companies that use subcontractors reported
an increase in their overall revenue

owner National Small Business

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Field Complete marketplace is coming soon summer 2023.

Get Jobs from property managers, warranty, insurance companies, vendors and contractors directly in Field Complete

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