It all began in 2008 when the market crashed, Roman Rusev, one of the founders, had to transition his home construction company to a home service company. As the company grew, he quickly ran out of spreadsheets and realized he needed a better way to run his business.

After trying 15-20 software on the market, nothing worked across multiple trades. Roman partnered with industry experts to build their own solution to the problem at hand.

Fast forward a few years, Field Complete was born, having all founders came from this industry and feeling the pains of a growing service business, they built a complete solution for any service business.

They did not stop there, knowing how difficult it is to scale a small business they rolled out a “Free to Start” program.

Field Complete’s core value is serving the service providers first.

“This is more than a simple software solution, we are building a network of job sharing service providers across the United States.”
-Field Complete Founding Team

Join our network, our community, and our mission to change the home service industry.

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