As an HVAC specialist, the success of your job partially depends on the correct information and HVAC tools to run an appropriate HVAC business and provide a good service. You’re also often out in the area helping customers, so having access to such information is essential. So, having one of the best HVAC apps is your key to success.

Today, plenty of HVAC apps are on the market to make your life easier, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a list of 8 of the HVAC business apps, home, load calculation, troubleshooting, and work order apps that can assist you in working wiser and more effortless.

How to choose the best HVAC app for your business

Wondering how to pick the best software to optimize the work with your product? There are different HVAC home apps, but how do pick the right system and the tool?

Types of HVAC apps

As a modern-day HVAC tech, your work depends on your capability to reference trustworthy information and resources when you’re helping customers in the field. With the proper HVAC mobile app, you can discover crucial information straight at your fingertips with a tap on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

To pick the best HVAC work order app, you should think about what kind of services the tool should apply. What of the instruments do you need the most: troubleshooting, load calculation, scheduling, flat-rate pricing, learning, duct design, etc. Depending on what is the most needed, you will give a crown to the most preferable HVAC service app.

The best HVAC calculator app: HVAC Buddy®

We gonna start with the calculation process. We stopped our attention at HVAC Buddy® as an HVAC load calculation app.

HVAC Buddy app gives you the deluxe version of the HVAC Check & Charge! This HVAC tool can be called has all that you might want from the HVAC load calculation app! It keeps your techs working fast, nice, and safely.

It’s highly ranked for making HVAC work way easier with its refrigerant charging and diagnostic abilities. When managing any sort of HVACR gear, just whip out this HVAC troubleshooting app to effectively analyze and calculate the correct refrigerant charge.

When you enter the refrigerant type, temperatures, and pressures, HVAC Buddy shows the “target, actual, and difference” for airflow, superheat, and subcooling. The app sends to a user the information in an email with a personalized “System Status Report” for all of your work needs.

Also, Buddy compares the targeted discrepancy across the actual versus the coil (TEET). It even delivers a line chart, which depicts historical significances based on input changes or elapsed time. With online output for updated values and flexible units (psi, kPa, Fahrenheit, Celsius), the app is the frontline warrior when it comes to calculating HVAC jobs.

Heat load calculation app: HVAC Refrigerant PT™

So, when it’s about such a big thing as the full pressure/temperature chart (PT) or something small as bubble and dew pressures, you surely should look at HVAC Refrigerant PT™ during picking up the correct heat load calculation app. Works with IOS and Android.

The HVAC Refrigerant PT™ app contains information for 33 various refrigerants. It also permits users to customize its settings to include temperature (°F or °C), refrigerant type, and 7 other sorts of pressure.

With just a few taps, you can get the information on density, critical temps and pressures, classification, safety ratings, applications, recommended lubricants, and ozone depletion potential. Where you are working is not important. The app is used for speedy refrigerant referencing.

Stay with an up-to-date HVAC dictionary with Complete HVAC Dictionary Free and keep studying with HVAC School

Looking for some HVAC learning apps? We suggest you download Complete HVAC Dictionary Free (yes, it’s absolutely free for Android users only). Everything is simple and kays on the surface. The name of the app reflects its functions. The Dictionary helps to keep your mind sharp with the complete base of HVAC terminology. Use the HVAC app when you’re searching for a precise definition or just to keep your vocabulary refreshed.

Complete HVAC Dictionary is an easy-to-navigate reference guide. Over  3,000 terms and definitions are in your hands. Never miss a moment with its detailed descriptions for all kinds of terminology in ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

HVAC School is a free space for studying everything about HVAC. Whether you are an aspiring technician, a first-year student of the trades, or a professional worker, this school is for you. Free, catchy, and valuable. And it works with Android and IOS.

This amazing little HVAC service app has an exclusive library of info to guide you through trade school. Are you scared to forget something? The app even reminds you of stuff you may have forgotten a long time ago in a galaxy.

You can:

  • Watch interesting podcasts;
  • Read breathtaking science articles;
  • Have mathematics with an integrated calculator-tutor.

Awesome duct sizing app: HVAC Duct Sizer

Do you need some hard HVAC duct design app? HVAC duct sizer allows you to calculate the size of a range of ducts by airflow and dimension. How?

  • For size by dimension, the app allows you to examine the existing duct system to define duct friction loss.
  • For size by airflow: HVAC duct sizer gives height and width measurements and velocity and friction loss.

Operates with IOS and Android.

Accounting software for HVAC masters: QuickBooks Online

How good it would be if somewhere was an HVAC flat-rate pricing app, huh? Wait a minute… QuickBooks Online helps to manage your reports, expenses, invoices, income, and payroll from any device (desktop, phone, tablet). You can also combine QuickBooks with HVAC software like Jobber and other tools to stay cool.

Load for IOS, Android, or use the desktop version.

By the way, the Jobber is a tool for those who want to have serious growth in this field. It possesses dispatching, job hunt, credit card processing, and customer service. It is one of the best HVAC invoice apps for you and your client. app: The best app for scheduling, managing invoices, and working as a team

Finally, Field Complete is a modern HVAC app for:

  • job managing and sharing;
  • customer management;
  • invoicing;
  • estimating and quoting;
  • scheduling and dispatching;
  • reporting;
  • messaging.

All in one simple and convenient app. Suits the best as a project managing tool: HVAC scheduling app + reporting, messenger + job managing. The team will work fast and effectively.

Start working with Field Complete for free, or choose the optimal charge for team membership. It is one of the best HVAC troubleshooting apps on the market!