Taking care of lawn care only with your forces may be difficult for multiple reasons. So if you’ve ever dreamed to put this work on someone’s shoulders – you should try some of the best lawn care apps for free.

One of the popular factors that regularly stop people from taking on board someone for a lawn care job is a reluctance to watch for the worker and trust concerns.

Do you want to know about lawn care scheduling, invoicing, and planning apps? If you are running on lawn care business you definitely may use at least one of these free lawn care scheduling apps. We picked the best applications for each kind of need of customers.

How to choose the best lawn care app for your business

If you are here, well, you need to find at least one lawn care scheduling app to make management much easier. Making up a plan, holding according to the schedule, and managing invoices and other stuff is a very routine but essential part of work.

We have gathered TOP-7 apps for people that are into gardening and lawn care. The following apps have different functionality and serve various purposes. That’s why we recommend making some packs of apps to get the best result in a short time.

Some software is only for professionals and lawn care companies that want to optimize their work. To make this article objective, you will find a short description, of the pros, and cons of each application (where it’s possible).

Top 7 lawn care apps

What is the best lawn care app? It only depends on what kind of tasks you want to see in the app. We have gathered the best ones, so you could choose the app you liked the most.

#1: Field Complete

The best app for lawn care for small contractors that need to take care of the paperwork. The app is designed for small companies that don’t need too much complexity in their lawn care apps.

The strong sides of the app are the possibility to create customized templates of documents and a user-friendly interface. It makes the app perfect for those who are not very familiar with such software.

Also, it’s one of the few lawn care apps that offer a Mobile app with Apple iOS and Android versions. (best lawn care app ever)

What is the price?

  • FREE! For small companies (Under 10 people) and for solo entrepreneurs;
  • $29/month for each additional tech;
  • 2.9% credit card processing fee.

Features of Field Complete app

  • Easy invoicing on the go;
  • Powerful Dispatching and scheduling;
  • Clear job management;
  • Fits for Multi-trade companies;
  • Fully customizable.

Disadvantages of Field Complete app

  • For a complete grasp of the program, you’ll need a demo customized to your needs.

#2: Jobber

The ideal lawn care app for big lawn team management.

What is the price?

  •  You can try a trial version for free (14 days);
  • $139/month if there are up to 7 workers;
  • $49/month for solo.

Note! Jobbers Connect and Grow premium plans offer cutting-edge characteristics that go beyond route planning. These premium programs range from $99- $199 a month with components as:

  • A customer chat hub,
  • Computerized online booking,
  • Customer financing choices, 
  • Progressive cross-application integrations.

About Jobber

Jobber is a widespread solution as it helps to make work easier whether for a solo user or team management of huge lawn care companies. It is one of the best scheduling apps for the lawn care business.

It is it can be used as a tool for customer service management so you can tackle both factors of handling your company. Nevertheless, it can be illogical to use at times, but client support is open to help as required.

Features of Jobber app

  • Operating inner CRM;
  • Track time out on a job;
  • Job and customer info are accessible in one click;
  • Logic and easy scheduling and dispatching;
  • Invoicing and planning payments.

Disadvantages of Jobber

  • Not is the best option for lawn care professionals, and one of the most costly applications on the market.

#3: Free Route Planner 2021

The best app for one-year lawn care companies with green plants instead of professional nerds on the board

What is the price?

It is free, you can download it on your smartphone.

About Free Route Planner 2021

It is a good app for a beginner, startups,s, and cases with small budgets. It’s not the best lawn app for big companies/teams.

Pros of Free Route Planner 2021

  • Save your time for taking care of simple tasks;
  • It’s free;
  • Effective route planning tool that you may use to cut down on time while cutting your lawns. Well, that’s it.

Disadvantages of the App

  • You don’t have access to client contacts;
  • Commercial perks are not available;
  • Used for sightseeing;
  • Less-efficient route planning than other pro apps.


#4: GreenPal app

The best app for individual workers or local lawn companies.

What is the price?

It is free, you can download it from the Play Market or App Store.

About the Application

GreenPal app is for those businesses that are willing to get free from managing lawn care. The app makes the process more automated, effortless, and faster. Also, it is regularly defined as one of the best scheduling apps for lawn care businesses.

The main goal of this app is to make this process as fast and easy as it can be. It takes GPS data and presents to the user the advantage around you ready to get the work done the next day. Cool, huh?

No emails or calls, or conversations with employees about whether they should meet deadlines. All can be completed within the app. Also, you get to view all the rates in a few seconds so nothing tricky here.

All the pros accounts come with the rating and the review section so you will always know what to expect. There are both individual workers and local lawn care services so you get to decide which one is best for you. You may also rather contact the worker by yourself or upload an ad and wait for offers.

Pros of the GreenPal app

  • A handy app for organizing chats;
  • Can be used for planning and scheduling;
  • Easy to get used for a functionality;
  • It monitors and reports according to received GPS data.

Disadvantages of the App

Has a limited quantity of features.

#5: The Weather Channel

The best app for individual workers or local lawn industries.

What is the price?

It is free, you can download it on your smartphone.

About The Weather Channel

As you might guess according to the name, The Weather Channel is a mobile app that helps you to know what the weather gonna be like today. This is one of the most popular weather apps on the market.

Pros of this App

  • Detailed weather reports on your phone;
  • Helps to plan your daily lawn care routine;
  • There is the option of turning on notifications in case the weather gets worse (you even be notified in case of an upcoming tornado);
  • Allows planning your work for 15 days with accurate prognoses;
  • Assist you by telling what to wear to meet the weather in the right clothes;
  • Runs live and updates information while your phone has access to the world wide web.

Disadvantages of the App

No disadvantages are noticed so far.

#6: LawnStarter

Here is one of the best lawn care apps for those who want to hire some specialists or get professional services from lawn care companies. LawnStarter is an application that will enable you to organize and maintain your lawn care on a heightened level.

This is the app for all the people who enjoy their lawn care accomplished by specialists and in terms. This app is a platform where different lawn care groups offer their services. The main goal that makes this app better among other similar ones is that it cares about the services it offers and makes sure it’s unimaginable to get a bad experience here.

The app has a rating system. It means you can rank the companies and read other individuals’ reviews. In addition, the LawnStarter app gives a sack to all the businesses that have a rating lower than 4,3 stars.

What do you need to do? Enter your address and the app will select the most pleasing lawn care teams nearby. It covers all types of services, so any way you will get what you need. That’s why we put it on the list as the best app for lawn care.

#7: YardBook

The best app for professionals.

What is the price?

Has free content, but there are worthy premium plans ranging from $35-$50 per month.

About the Application

YardBook is a specialized tool for lawn care pros. The application has plenty of free features to choose from and some premium ones make it even better.

Features of YardBook:

  • Works as a lawn care invoice app;
  • Has scheduling and planning function;
  • GPS tracking for your employees;
  • Quickbooks compatibility
  • Has material calculator.

Cons of the App

You need to pay for a part of the needed functions.

General features of using lawn care scheduling software

  • Scheduling and dispatching are simpler

Dispatch jobs or set recurring shifts in one action instead of depending on a messy Google Calendar or handwritten messages. Also, employees have the direct key to their plan via their mobile phones so everything is managed in real-time.

  • Boost Your Working Skills

One important feature of every lawn mowing schedule app is that all training materials and techniques are open on an employee’s mobile phone. By having this knowledge on hand 24/7, employees can create their skills to provide the best customer pleasure. 

Additional advantages of a lawn care app contain easily organizing and collecting your day-to-day operations with direct access to information and reports, concentrating on repeat enterprise with digital devices, easy to send reminders and follow up after a job to guarantee customer pleasure, have all information in one location and so much more.

  • Tracking Working Hours Now Brings Satisfaction

Most lawn care applications do it simply for employees to clock in and out while finding their GPS position so you can be sure all members of the squad showed up on time, to the correct place. This also makes it mega comfortable to control payroll so your employees are paid as they should be, and so that you can offer well-prepared invoices to your clients.

  • Working Chats Work For Your Company, Not Against It

Begin a private or group chat or send a message to a certain group based on their user profile so they’re acquainted with all updates and noteworthy announcements – this is how everyone is consistently on the same page. 

Thank you for reading this article and our team hopes that you already know the best app for the lawn care business.