Take control of your accounting with Field Complete. Eliminate double entries, keep your data up to date, and ease your tax filing by integrating with QuickBooks Online.

Sync the following information with QuickBooks Online 👇

  • QuickBooks Accounts
  • Customer Types
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Payments

Just reach out to our support team to gain access! 🎧

Additional Features & Improvements 👨‍🔧

  • Use keywords to find Projects, Jobs, and Invoices containing specific line items
  • Open records directly from Reports
  • We added Tips and Discounts to Product or Service Types
  • Set the job status when adding jobs to an existing projects
  • The customer filter on the Project screen now works as intended
  • Fixed issue with the Outstanding Balance not calculated correctly
  • Fixed issue with permissions related to Reporting
  • The project number is now displayed in the Estimate
  • Fixed issue preventing mobile users from updating the invoice status
  • Fixed multiple issues related to Technician Groups Manager
  • Fixed issue with empty groups appearing in Dispatching
  • Fixed issue with Dispatching freezing occasionally
  • Fixed issue with updated project numbers not being reflected on the invoice screen
  • We improved user creation in the User Manager
  • Fixed issue with addresses in User Manager
  • Fixed issue with branches displaying incorrect technicians on the Dispatching screen
  • Made improvements to the Demo Mode
  • Made many other minor fixes and improvements

Known Bugs 🐞

  • Jobs added to an existing project with Date and Technician are set to Scheduled status