We are thrilled to bring you our latest product updates for We’re excited to introduce our latest Field Complete Product Updates! Our team has been hard at work refining and enhancing our service to provide you with a smoother, more efficient user experience. These updates cover a range of enhancements, from improved contact detail access to streamlined user roles and more comprehensive reporting. Get ready to explore these new updates and discover how they elevate your Field Complete experience!

Stomp, stop, stomp. 🪲

We’re further enhancing your experience with slight improvements, and bug fixes.

  • We’ve improved our customer and service location cards in projects, job, and invoice details. You can now see contact details without having to open the contact in question.
  • Hovering over technicians, groups, and contractors on Dispatching now displays further details e.g. phone number of technician, or group members.
  • Improved how user roles are used:
    • You can no longer remove the last technician role from the user with jobs assigned
    • You can no longer remove the last role from any user
    • You can no longer create a user without a role
  • Customer reports can now be retrieved
  • Service Location reports now show the phone number of the primary contact
  • Fixed issue with the “Show to customer” option not working for subcontracted jobs
  • Fixed issues with SMS notifications
  • Fixed issues related to line items being uneditable in certain states
  • Streamlined naming convention with Field Complete IDs and User IDs
  • Removed contractors from Messenger
  • Fixed minor issues with permissions

    As we wrap up, we hope you’re as excited about these Field Complete Product Updates as we are. We firmly believe these improvements will help streamline your processes and enhance your overall user experience. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to bringing you more updates in the future. Here’s to continuously making Field Complete better, together!

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