If you are an essential business and are still in operation here is some practical advice on how to manage work health and safety for technicians working in other people’s homes. Now that people are spending even more time in their homes, this will most likely increase the need for repairs. Make sure your contractors and technicians are safe in the field during coronavirus. 

Lower risk

Limit the number of contractors assigned to a job at a time, making sure not to have more than 10 people in one setting. Making sure that all contractors can maintain a distance of at least 6 ft from anyone in the home, family members, and technicians. 

Integrate technology

Limit face to face contact as much as possible by integrating software such as Field Complete. Discuss all the details of the job in advance and take care of as much business as possible outside of the home such as payments, receipts, and conversations. 

Call ahead

It is definitely acceptable, if not expected to call ahead and ask if anyone in the home is sick or quarantined. If the answer is “yes,” reschedule. 

Equip your technicians

Technicians must wash their hands before and after jobs with soap and water. Stock up on face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves. You can even ship these directly to your technician’s home to limit their physical presence in the office, all technicians should keep these items on hand at all times. Making sure to wipe down/clean any surfaces which they come into contact with. Face masks should be worn at every job site. All employees should be made aware of sick leave policies. Encourage employees to stay home when sick, not to expose customers or co-workers to possible infections.