Have you ever wondered how much gardeners and LLC companies earn by selling trees? As statistics show – this niche may well become the main source of income and having worked during the sales seasons, you can provide yourself with money for the whole year. In this article, we will look at how this firm is organized, how much a tree trimming business makes, analyze this niche, develop a marketing strategy, and calculate all the costs and needs. In this article, we will talk about starting a tree service.

Analyze the Tree Care Industry

What do I need to start a tree service business? To make good money on trees or seedlings, you will need to study the requirements for growing different plants. In particular, their varieties and choose those that are suitable for a specific climate. Having a land plot for gardening will be a definite plus.

But what attracts entrepreneurs in the local business of breeding and planting materials for different trees?
This is first of all:

  • Simplicity and clarity of plant breeding technology.
  • You can start with minimal start-up capital.There are prospects for business expansion.
  • You can start growing seedlings right on the plot near the house.
  • There is high demand.
  • The possibility of selling plants on the Internet.

But among the minor drawbacks you should note the following:

  • Clearly expressed the seasonality of the business (spring and autumn).
  • The long period of return on investment for the formation of the nursery.
  • Competition in the niche.

There are more advantages and tree care business can be combined with other activities. Therefore, once again analyze everything for yourself and, if ready, prepare for the implementation of the business idea.

Choose the Scope of Your Tree Business

How to start a tree trimming business? First of all, you should decide what exactly you want to do. And this is perhaps the most important thing. After all, you will have to do the chosen business for more than one year. It should bring pleasure. Only in this case, you can easily overcome all obstacles and easily solve problems that arise in your business activities.

Already at this stage, many people make a big mistake, trying to catch up with fashion trends, rather than giving preference to their preferences.

How to start a tree service company? When planning a business selling seedlings, you will need to make a range of trees that you will breed.

This is best done based on competitor analysis and an assessment of return on investment. For example, if you have limited start-up capital and you want to quickly return the investment, then it makes sense to deal with seedlings of berries and fruit bushes. The second option – if you are focused on long-term investments, then you can lay a plantation with seedlings of fruit trees or conifers. To start a tree trimming business on seedlings, it will be enough to allocate a plot of land of 10 – 30 hundredths and try to combine different types of plants on it.

Write Business Plan for Your Tree Care Company

What do you think about starting your own tree service business? You can create a business plan on your own or with the help of consultants, but it requires an additional budget. We have prepared recommendations on how to prepare a business plan that you will need.

The standard business plan consists of the following items:

  1. Project summary.
  2. Description of the company.
  3. Market and competitor analysis.
  4. Description of the product or service.
  5. The organizational structure of the plant tree business.
  6. Marketing and sales plan.
  7. Financial plan.
  8. Risk assessment.
  9. Conclusions in the business plan.

Don’t forget that you are writing a plan for the moment, so in no case should you use outdated information, figures, and data.

Calculate the Necessary Costs

When developing a business plan for a nursery with seedlings, you will need to make all the calculations of investments to form the amount of start-up capital and plan the timing of return on investment.

Start-up costs:

  • Purchase of seedlings for the garden – $1500 – $1700.
  • Site preparation – $500 – $600.
  • Consultations of an agronomist – $150.
  • Seasonal greenhouse for 30 square meters – from $ 500.
  • Well and irrigation system – from $1400.
  • Equipment and tools for garden care – $80.
  • Paperwork – $200.

If you do not own your land, then you still need to include the cost of its purchase. Annual investments:

  • Fertilizer – $250.
  • Electricity – $350.
  • Transportation costs – $120.
  • Advertising – from $150.
  • Taxes – $200.

Based on the above data, the amount of start-up investment will be about $4000 – $4500, and the annual cost of maintaining the business will be $1100 – $1200.

If you hire a seller to sell seedlings, then the costs should include his salary.

Get the Necessary Permits and Licenses

The conditions of the necessary permits and licenses are transparent and every entrepreneur can cope with it on their own, without the involvement of additional specialists. For the institutions issuing licenses, it does not matter who submits the documents – only the correct execution is important. The entire list of documents to be prepared is publicly available on the websites of the agencies.

You should contact a legal intermediary only if you do not have time to study the procedure and prepare documents.
If the entrepreneur still decided to apply for a license through intermediaries, for example, an agency, first of all, it is necessary to request the registration documents of such a company/specialist, ask to show the portfolio and customer reviews, and read about it on the Internet.

Register Your Tree Business

Now you can officially register your business. You should start by registering as a sole proprietor, and as your turnover and customer requirements grow, you can register a limited liability company.

Open a Business Bank Account

How to start a tree service business? You need to open a current account with a card for your business. It is usually faster and easier than visiting a branch and applying in person. While the process may vary slightly depending on the specific bank, you should be able to complete and submit an online application in minutes.

What documents do you need to obtain before opening a business bank account:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Constituent documents of your business.
  • Property agreements.
  • A business license.

Choose the best bank for small business banking and premium services.

Choose Company Name

When the goal is to come up with a company name, choosing a unique name can be quite difficult. We have some very important tips that will make it much easier for you to be creative and create an original name with a logo for your future tree-growing project.

Be guided by the rule “Everything ingenious is simple”. The experience of world-famous brands states that the simpler and easier to remember the name of your company, the better for your business. Here are 5 useful ways to choose your brand name:

Using the name of the company founder

This method was and is still used by many organizations worldwide. Try it, maybe your name or surname is perfect for creating a name for your business.

Use of rhythmicity

Remember the world-famous brand names Coca-Cola, and Chupa-Chups. They are very easy to remember, and all because these combinations are developed based on rhythmicity and a kind of “singing”.


Using abbreviations can sometimes be beneficial in developing a name for your brand. True, not in all cases this method is appropriate.

Search for high meaning.

Analyzing some company names, it is not always possible to understand why the brand is called that way. But in such names in most cases, there is a high meaning, some kind of mystery. Therefore, looking for mysterious words or expressions in other languages of the world, including Latin, you can choose an interesting name for starting a tree service business.

Sound imitation.

Sounds of animals or nature are familiar to everyone and are quite easy to remember. So many famous companies used this method to develop their name. Take Miu-Miu for example. Simple and clear names that stick in the memory.

Avoid meaningless, complicated, and negative names. Lightness, simplicity, and meaningfulness should be the main criteria and characteristics of the choice for the name of your brand.
Good luck!

Hire Staff for Your Tree Business Company

After your organization has been established and registered, the question arises, who will work in it? After the procedure of searching for possible future employees, you need to choose from all those who are more suitable for you.

Use the interview. First, the interview should not follow the same clear template with a strictly allotted time and a certain number of questions. It is most important to find information about the places of previous work and duties performed during the interview.

It is very important to find out the motivation of the employee that made him come to your company. The motives govern human behavior, and it is important to reveal them at the interview stage.

An important and delicate point is the issue of remuneration, this is where most employers and employees disagree.

In general, the recruitment process is quite individual. Therefore, choose with your heart. This method can be even more effective than psychological tests because the organization is not only a mechanism working on the algorithm but also the interaction of personalities and characters.

Purchase the Necessary Equipment

High-quality office equipment and reliable support services can make a huge difference to your office’s workload and the quality of results. With the right equipment, your office will function more efficiently and work more productively throughout the day.
Investing in equipment that allows employees to work faster and reduces manual and repetitive tasks can increase both efficiency and overall productivity.

Make the Website for you Tree Business

Once you have a market and a product, as well as a sales process, you are ready to build and design a website to create a business. Remember that this is not easy. You have less than five seconds to grab someone’s attention – otherwise, they will disappear and never be seen again.
Some important tips to remember:

  • Choose one or two simple fonts on a nice background.
  • Make your navigation clear and simple and the same on every page.
  • Use graphics, audio, or video if they enhance your message.
  • Include an offer so you can collect email addresses.
  • Make the purchase easy – no more than two clicks between a potential customer and checkout.

Your website is your online store, so make it customer-friendly.

Calculate all possible scenarios in advance. Before you start your business, ask yourself what you will lose in case of failure. You should be prepared for such a development of events. However, do not focus on the difficulties and do not give up at the slightest failure.

Believing in your success is no less important than taking certain steps toward your goal. The right attitude will help you quickly find a solution to any problem.

💫 One more thing for your tree business!

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