How To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business?

Cleaners usually find it challenging when get clients in this highly competitive industry. They are always asking themselves, “how can I get customers for my cleaning business?”. However, keeping the customers happy is very important– otherwise, they are likely to move to other businesses offering similar services.

Master these tips on how to get your first cleaning client and to make them stay for years.


Develop a Marketing Plan

Begin by drawing up a plan to market your services that matches your budget and project scope. First, you must know your target market and what competitors are doing. Then find the best advertising strategy.

Some marketing strategies are more effective than others. Some will deliver outstanding results, while others may not even bring in any customer. To discover how to find clients for a cleaning company, below are some tips on choosing the right strategy:

Understand your investment budget – Marketing in local papers is considerably costly, unlike posting on Facebook.

Determine your target audience for your campaign – Social networking sites aren’t ideal when targeting senior citizens.

How to measure progress – To find out the number of your new and repeat clients, here are some tools to help.


Create and Optimize Your Website

Now use your marketing plan. You must develop a website that converts visitors into clients. Business owners who invest in their digital presence the most have a good return on their investment in years to come.

There is a free website hosting platforms like WordPress or Blogger when having a shoestring budget. Alternatively, purchase a domain and register a personalized hosting account. The rule of thumb is to opt for what can give you the best results. Whether you prefer one or the other is according to your budget.

For a professional website for your cleaning business that looks professional, there are many companies to consider like:

  • GoDaddy

Ensure that potential customers know whatever they need regarding your business. So, they can decide whether or not to hire your cleaning company. Exposing your services to various people helps in getting new clients. For instance, include a photo gallery on your website for visitors to see what you do.


Request Recommendations


Successful promotion attracts new consumers. Inquire if they can recommend you to the people they know.

Word-of-mouth marketing is very effective, according to Investopedia. People readily believe what their friends say. So when booking your services, they won’t doubt your quality. Customers will refer their friends and family to you when impressed. This will grow your customer base.


Collaborate with related business owners


This answers how I attract customers to my cleaning company. Types of business owners are those with pest control services, construction companies, or waste management specialists.

You may either trade consumers or devise a cross-promotion plan. If a customer makes an appointment, you might give them a price reduction if they identify the source who recommended them.

While brainstorming how to get cleaning clients through partnership, consider the people you want to attract. Look around your community for high-end clients. Examine reputable firms that fall within your budget in your location to discover if any of them might need professional cleaning services. Aim to get as many consumers as possible to grow your brand.


Start advertising

There are various ways to let people know about your business. Consider some ideas below.


Local advertising at ideal spots


Apart from digital marketing, outdoor advertising also answers how to get more clients for my cleaning business. Investing in posters or billboards near your office can attract new customers, leading to an increase in earnings. Boosting your exposure equals additional revenue.

This type of direct marketing has a potential average return on investment of $11 for each dollar spent.


Social media


Many people use social media to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and brands they like. Post content matching your business, like post statuses, tweets, videos, pictures, and other forms of content.

Also, consider advertising your website or start a social media advertising campaign.


Ask for reviews


Focus on getting reviews from clients to improve your online reputation. Many websites allow users to leave feedback for local businesses. The ideal business website should support collecting reviews from customers who are happy with your services.

Additionally, request feedback on third-party review sites. It will improve your online profile and attract new people looking for the services you offer.


Join online marketplaces


Joining online marketplaces is among the ways how to get customers for cleaning business. An online marketplace allows interaction between potential customers and business owners.

When you join an online marketplace, there are chances of connecting with people with the potential to book your services. It is a beautiful solution to finding new customers.

The good thing about participating in these markets is not paying anything. Most websites do not charge a fee for business owners. However, some websites do charge a fee.

Here are a few online marketplaces you should consider:

  • TaskRabbit
  • Thumbtack
  • Handy

Start offering additional services.


Another trick on how to find house cleaning clients is offering more services. If you do home cleaning, add handyman jobs. Your company will gain new clients without doing too much marketing. 

It also demonstrates care and passion for your work. This can inspire some customers to recommend you to people they know.


Develop an Attractive Cleaning Package


Before you approach potential clients, a well-planned and attractive cleaning service package is essential. When thinking about how to get cleaning clients, you need to find people who want your professional services. See what other companies are charging to set a price range with affordable payment terms.

Design a clear and easy-to-understand service presentation that caters to the needs of different clients. It answers the question, how can I get new clients for my cleaning business.

There are various services to offer customers in a cleaning business. Sort them into categories according to the kind of customers, like one-time cleaning and regular visits. Professionally organize your marketing material.


Use coupons or offer discounts


People like to buy from businesses where they can get coupons and special discounts when making purchases. Give your customers a chance to save money when they book your services. 

The good idea is to offer your customers a discount for their first job. This incentive is likely to make them book your services again. Consider advertising on online coupon sites to attract new customers. Doing this will increase the chances of reaching a more significant number of potential customers.


Strive for exceptional service


Despite attracting new clients, keeping them without excellent service is impossible. Emphasize efficiency and professionalism to make your services stand out.

Talk to clients like talking to a close friend. Customers will always book your services for being nice. Exceptional service is essential for clients to stick to a cleaning company. It takes roughly five good encounters to wash away damage from a bad experience.


Customer care quality

It’s critical to offer outstanding customer care for the success of your business. Ignoring this encourages poor results. Customers who are happy with your cleaning services will recommend you for more clients within their circle of friends.

Each encounter impacts how to get commercial cleaning clients. Be polite and attentive always when dealing with clients, whether by phone, email, or in-person contact. If someone requests more information about your company, give them facts and figures helpful.


Focus on finer details


Paying attention to the finer details is essential to business success. Despite affordable pricing with high-quality service, potential customers may choose to ignore your business. This happens if your website appears outdated or lacks appropriate information about your services.

Before creating a new logo for your company, know what your target market wants. Then, look at the logos, color schemes, and other design features of different websites in the same industry to see likes and dislikes.


Be eco-friendly


Customers today understand the need to protect the environment, so ensure to let them know you’re a green business. Encourage recycling wherever possible while using green cleaning solutions. Also, offer discounts or freebies for people who arrive by bicycle or public transportation.

Charge affordable prices

Sometimes, people hesitate to contact cleaning companies because they think their services are overpriced — especially eco-friendly services (e.g., using only environmentally friendly products). Make your affordable prices obvious to potential customers.

Use special software

It’s important to tidy up and organize your firm to attract new clients and make them loyal. It would be advantageous if you had software tracking client data, handling contracts, and managing communication.

Savvy business owners always think about how to get house cleaning clients. There’s no need for technical knowledge to use special cleaning software. Many resources are available for managing your business, like dispatching jobs, schedules, estimates, payments, and customer service. 

Consider these things when thinking about the kind of software you would like to run your cleaning business:

  • How do I get clients for my cleaning business using this software?
  • Kind of processes the software automates
  • How much time and money can I potentially save by using this software?
  • What additional features does it offer besides essential data management?
  • Does it integrate with other systems I use (e.g., client relationship management, sales automation)?
  • Is the support team responsive?
  • What are people saying about it?
  • How much does this cost? Is it easy to use?

Keep the above points in mind to get software for running your business successfully.


With Field Complete software you can manage your cleaning business from anywhere. When you’re a small business owner running your own cleaning company, it can be difficult to find time to do the things that are most important to your business. Field Complete is a mobile-friendly field service management software for cleaning businesses created by The Cleaning Company (a leader in domestic and commercial cleaning equipment and services) that lets you manage your cleaning business from anywhere, on any device. With Field Complete, you can:

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  • Issue quotes and invoices directly from the app
  • Communicate with customers using text messages, emails, or phone calls
  • Use GPS tracking to keep track of where your technicians are while they’re working
  • Create custom reports so you can keep track of everything happening in your business
  • Collect in-field payments 

Business-minded individuals work hard to obtain monetary success. While sometimes obvious actions are enough to achieve this, creativity is often necessary. Use the tips above to more customers and reach your goals faster.