According to IBIS World, the market size for plumbers by revenue in the US by 2022 is $ 128.7 billion. The plumbing industry increased faster than the overall economy in the last five years. Home improvements have contributed significantly to the demand for plumbing services for homeowners needing upgrades and replacements.

There’s great potential for anyone who owns a plumbing business. However, it doesn’t come on a silver platter. You must know how to advertise your plumbing business. Doing this right will set your business apart and win you more customers.

Let’s show you how.

Register Your Plumbing Business on Social Media

About seven out of 10 people use social media to find local businesses for their household needs, such as plumbing. If you own a plumbing business, building social media presence will attract new customers, build your brand, and establish a strong online presence.

With many social media platforms available, figuring out where to start might seem overwhelming. After getting started, you’ll discover that social media offers the best advertising for plumbers. Let’s discuss how you can start using social media to grow your plumbing business.

Benefits of social media for plumbers include:

  • Improving SEO
  • Helps in building relationships
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Great for emergency plumbing services
  • Integrates easily with other plumber advertising ideas

Best Social Media Platforms For Plumbers

After knowing the benefits of having a social presence, you must know which platforms work better for your brand.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform globally and is a wonderful tool for marketing plumbing. The platform recommends local businesses to nearby customers. You can post various content, including text, images, videos, and interactive polls. A good thing is that many homeowners spend time on Facebook and need plumbing services regularly.


This platform appeals more to the younger generation of homeowners. Instagram allows using visuals to market your plumbing business. A good idea is to post before and after pictures of your projects. You can also use the stories or eels feature to share short videos of your team in action. It’s a wonderful way to build your brand identity.


Although you can share video clips of your team on Facebook and Instagram, you can post longer ones on YouTube. The platform is ideal for posting how-to or DIY videos to demonstrate your credibility and authority in the plumbing industry. It’s a wonderful trick to make customers more confident in your services.


TikTok has taken the world by storm despite being new on the scene. The platform allows having fun while marketing your plumbing business. You can create and share entertaining videos to attract followers. The videos also make your brand memorable and play a significant role in encouraging loyal customers.


A tweet is only 280 characters but can effectively market your plumbing business. You can use this space to share plumbing tips and tricks with links to your company website. Ensure to give your audience valuable content that they can retweet to generate more leads for you.


This social platform is primarily for professionals to connect. You can use your LinkedIn profile to connect with business owners who may need your services. The platform also allows sharing educational content or getting recommendations for businesses.

Here are some handy tips to be successful in social media marketing.

  • Be consistent with your posts
  • Maximize the use of hashtags
  • Join social communities for home services or plumbers
  • Test your content

Create Your Plumbing Website

A website offers potential customers a platform to learn more about your business. It allows your brand to gain an online presence. Many people use the internet often when searching for service providers. It’s convenient since they have to search with a simple keyword such as “plumber near me.”

Your website makes your plumbing business visible, accessible, and easy to find by potential customers. Other benefits of a website for plumbers include:

  • Builds trust
  • Creates an instant connection
  • Joining the digital bandwagon
  • Making a remarkable impression on prospective customers
  • Gives your business credibility
  • Markets your business to a weir audience
  • Makes requesting plumbing services more convenient

A website is very effective at building stronger connections with customers. It allows customers access to a reliable and convenient service. The website saves you from the legwork of attracting customers by highlighting attributes such as plumbing licenses and testimonials that give your brand credibility.


Using the right keywords will get your plumbing website on top of Google search results. These are words that potential customers are likely to use when searching for your services. The plumbing industry is very competitive and getting an edge over your competitors requires grabbing any opportunity that comes your way.

Plumbing SEO involves optimizing your website and online content to make it more relevant and valuable in search engines and visitors to your website. It significantly improves ranking on the SERP. It gives your site more visibility and attracts more customers.

The features of plumbing SEO include:

  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Responsive website design
  • Creating a Google My Business profile
  • Creating service pages
  • Page speed optimization

Patience is essential since SEO results don’t come overnight but keep improving with time. Results are likely to appear in about three to six months.

Use Online Reviews

Nine out of 10 customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. About 62% of consumers revealed they couldn’t buy a product or use a service before reading reviews about it. Additionally, three out of four consumers trust online reviews like recommendations from family and friends.

For any plumbing business owner, reviews are equally important in generating customers. A fantastic way to get reviews is by joining sites like Yelp. You should also join home service-oriented review sites such as Nextdoor, Houzz, and Angie’s List.

You should also register your business on Google My Business. It’s free and has a feature for requesting reviews. Asking customers in person to review your services is also a great idea.
Ensure to follow up on review and give prompt responses.

Build Useful Plumbing Content

Someone will likely call you or your competitor when they have a plumbing problem. Increasing the chances of being the first choice requires going the extra mile in your marketing. After getting your website and creating a Google My Business profile, valuable plumbing content is an efficient solution.

Content marketing is essential to growing plumbing business. You can DIY or hire a professional; consistency will give you long-term results. Creating content generates leads leading to more revenue without spending a fortune on conventional plumbing ads.

Remember that success doesn’t come overnight. Patience and consistency will significantly improve lead generation in your business.

Some ways to create helpful plumbing content include:

  • Creating and updating a blog
  • Focusing on industry-relevant topics
  • Sharing content on social media
  • Creating engaging plumbing videos
  • Use creative quizzes related to your services

Don’t ignore content marketing to grow your plumbing business since your competitors use it. The strategy allows growing your client base and get more referrals.

Email Advertising

A silent phone and still truck lead to high overheads and a frustrated team. Keeping your team busy requires adding plumbing internet marketing to your business growth effort. The industry is very competitive despite the rising demand for plumbing services. Boosting your marketing efforts is the trick to keeping your business afloat.

Email marketing for your plumbing business will give you outstanding returns on your investment. Market segmentation and testing are essential for a successful email marketing campaign. People are more likely to open emails with a personalized subject line, especially if it promises a solution to their plumbing problems.

Some benefits to consider email marketing to advertise plumbing business include:

  • Attracting new customers
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Re-targeting customers
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Allies staying on top of the customers’ minds
  • Boosting brand credibility

Email marketing is very effective when communicating with current and potential customers. You can educate prospective customers, which allows converting other homeowners into loyal customers. Your plumbing company can build a marketable database using opt-in forms and book more jobs.

Use Whitepapers

A whitepaper is an authoritative report on a plumbing topic that highlights a problem and offers a solution. Plumbers can create whitepapers to educate homeowners about common plumbing issues and promote a solution that fixes them.

The white paper can educate leaders about plumbing problems to position you as an authority in the industry. You can also use white papers to entice homeowners to book your plumbing services.

Qualities of a good whitepaper for plumbers include:

  • About 25,000 words written in an academic style
  • Not written like a sales pitch
  • Educational and useful
  • For use before a sale
  • Includes facts, not opinions

A whitepaper has an introduction to engage the reader right off the bat and encourages further reading. The introduction addresses the plumbing problem and other details in the paper. The body of the whitepaper includes the problem and solution.

You must prove a deeper understanding of the problem and how it impacts homeowners. This section aims at ensuring the reader relates to the problem. After thoroughly explaining the plumbing problem, it’s time to explain the solutions and plumbing tools to fix it. By this time, the readers will likely be on the edges of their seats, waiting to hear how you can solve the problem.

The final part is the conclusion which summarizes the problem and the solutions you suggest. It must be convincing and motivate the reader to book your services. Include a call to action that shows the next step the reader must take.

Brand Your Plumbing Business

Having a brand identity is the best way to advertise a plumbing business. You need customers to recognize, understand and connect with your brand. Strong branding makes your business more alive for customers. They are more likely to choose you over others, recommend it to their family and friends, leave you positive reviews, and become attached to it.

Here are pointers to branding your plumbing business

Find Inspiration

The first step to branding your plumbing business is to get inspiration from other plumbing advertising examples. A good idea is to look at big plumbing companies you admire. Most plumbing businesses use the same branding elements, such as blocky fonts, brick reds, and navy blues.

Think outside the box and make your brand stand out. Studying your favorite brands will get your creative juices flowing, and you’ll be better positioned to put your brand in the same way people want to look at it.

Consider Your USPs

You must sit and think of features that make your business stand out. It may be that your business is veteran-owned or can handle emergencies 24/7. You can read reviews from customers to discover attributes they usually point out. This can make you discover brand perceptions that appeal to customers. You can also read reviews about competitors to see where they aren’t performing well, so you can capitalize on that.

Pick Three Attributes Your Business Portrays

While going ahead with branding your business, you must think about the aspects your business represents. A good idea is to choose at most three attributes your brand communicates. Having to say too much makes a brand seem noisy.

Some attributes to consider include:

  • Family-owned
  • Honest
  • Affordable
  • Social causes you support
  • Affordable
  • Veteran-owned
  • Green oriented
  • 24/7 services
Choose A Name For Your Business

The name of your company plays a significant role in your branding effort. You must ensure that it’s unique and catchy enough to stick in customers’ minds. However, you must ensure that the domain name is available since you must get a website for your business. The name must be memorable and not registered by any other business.

As part of your branding, ensure to have a uniform for your team. You can have quality t-shirts and caps with your logo embroidered to make your team look professional. Ensure that all your company trucks are branded with your logo, business name, services you offer, areas you serve, website, office location, and telephone numbers.

Implement Discounts and Promotions

Like in any business, homeowners look forward to saving money when working with a plumber. You can beat the competition by offering discounts and promotions to current and new customers. Offering a discount on a particular service can attract more customers, especially if it’s a common problem among homeowners.

You can offer discounts to customers when they combine two services. Other promotions can target particular customers, such as veterans or senior citizens. Other plumber marketing ideas include coupons and specials where customers enjoy discounted rates for relevant services. Create a dedicated page for promotions on your website so customers can see which ones are currently available and how to qualify.

Final Thoughts

A plumbing business is a viable business idea with tremendous growth in the sector. However, the market is very competitive, and staying afloat requires doing a few things other plumbers aren’t doing. You must have a robust marketing plan that includes a website, appropriate branding, and SEO.

Plumbing software such as Field Complete will simplify job scheduling with accurate and easy dispatching.