The best restoration project management software streamlines and enhances the management of various restoration projects. This includes everything from the recovery of damaged structures to ecosystem rehabilitation, ensuring efficient and effective project handling.

The best restoration project management software has various features to optimize your effort and ensure optimal utilization of resources. 

Demand for effective restoration service management tools is significant because:

  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Boosts visibility at the project level
  • Enhances relationships with customers, insurance adjusters, and referrals
  • Field staff can have greater accountability for inventory 
  • Project managers can effectively control costs
  • Encourages holistic data evaluation 

Best Practices in Restoration Management 

According to the Restoration Best Practices Guide Book by the American Public Power Association, the best practices for restoration management include:

  • Exchange of key information before deployments
  • Have a plan for mutual aid deployment
  • Deployment of resources should be under a single command
  • Utilities should have a restoration plan
  • Restoration teams must be adequately prepared to handle notice and no-notice events
  • Access to all necessary equipment and materials for restoration 

How Software Solutions Can Aid in These Practices?

Cloud solutions for restoration management optimize completing projects with features for planning, execution, and monitoring. 

Here’s how

  • Support comprehensive planning and stakeholder engagement
  • Data-driven analytics enhance decision-making and resource allocation
  • Flexibility to adjust strategies based on evolving circumstances
  • Information sharing supports and feedback fosters engagement
  • Tracking and managing legal requirements ensures compliance with regulations 

Restoration task management platforms empower managers with the tools to implement industry best practices for sustainable outcomes. 

Check out the best restoration manager software reviews

1. FieldComplete Restoration Business Software

FieldComplete restoration management software has a desktop and mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices. The software has various features for streamlining the operations of restoration businesses. 

Its invoicing features simplify accounting tasks. However, you can also integrate it with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. It also supports open EPI for integrating with other accounting or third-party software. 

Here’s what makes FieldComplete align with best practices in restoration management:

  • Detailed project planning, task scheduling, and milestone tracking
  • Messaging and document sharing ensure seamless engagement with stakeholders
  • Time tracking allows resource utilization and limiting environmental impact
  • Paperless use aligns with environmental consideration 
  • Detailed records generate reports and transparency for project progress  

Choosing Restoration Software: Tips and Tricks

Use the following tips and tricks when selecting the best restoration project management Software like FieldComplete that aligns with your specific needs. 

  • Understand your restoration project management needs
  • Look for an intuitive interface to reduce training time and increase user adoption
  • Integration capabilities for a cohesive workflow
  • Customizability to meet your specific needs
  • Mobile access to enhance efficiency and real-time collaboration 

Here are other restoration software reviews and comparisons 

2. PSA Restoration

PSA is restoration operations software that seamlessly integrates with other technology in restoration business. Your team can benefit from its training and support to instill best practices for your business. The tool offers knowing performance throughout the task to rectify issues before completing the task. 

This is what to expect from PSA Restoration software:

  • Powerful accounting to boost profitability
  • Streamlined workflow process
  • Managing customer communication efficiently
  • Realtime SMS alerts to customers and staff in the field
  • Collect customer reviews and ratings on-site

3. Restoration Manager

The software for property restoration promises to lower cycle time and take on more jobs from a cloud-based platform. You can manage jobs, complete work orders, and track equipment even offline on its mobile app, known as ManageIT Mobile. 

Restoration Manager supports all locations and work sites. You can track each location separately with permission to see what’s happening. The tool integrates with 12 accounting software products to save time and protect you from costly errors. 

Expect the following from Restoration Manager,

  • Track job details and progress 
  • Keep photos and documents in a single place
  • Schedule tasks to staff or email clients
  • Know where your equipment is
  • Quickly and easily create budgets for tasks 

4. DASH Restoration Business Management

DASH is a comprehensive customization tool for restoration business owners. The web and mobile platform empowers business owners to improve scalability and efficiency. Real-time updates and automatic communication mean you can communicate with your staff wherever they are for transparency and control. 

The tool allows working in the field even when reception isn’t reliable. You gain powerful insights and analysis with a custom dashboard to streamline operations. 

Top features of DASH include:

  • Auto photo analysis and tags
  • Create new jobs and claims
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document generator
  • Contact manager and CRM tools 

5. RestorationX

With RestorationX, you can streamline the profits of your business with all the right tools on one platform. Its Kan-Ban board allows tracking leads, projects, and clients. Access to weather maps and data allows viewing and searching for details about hail, tornadoes, and wind. 

You can set up reminders for upcoming jobs within your business calendar. Texting clients is seamless while your field team is on the way. The mitigation section allows for recording temperature and humidity. 

You can use RestorationX to:

  • Quickly view job site photos
  • Download all site information in custom reports
  • Collect e-signatures directly from clients
  • Get roof measurement reports at no additional cost 

6. iRestore Restoration Software

The all-in-one tool has quick and easy reporting features accessible anytime anywhere. With a CRM feature, you can build relationships and grow your business hassle-free. Expect to use minimal time to get the software up and running.

An intuitive design is easy to implement and use by everyone in your business. Regardless of position, anyone can customize the software to meet their needs. 

Here’s how iRestore manages chaos for restoration business owners.

  • An intuitive job management system is easy to use
  • Track equipment with reports, data, and maintenance records
  • A fully integrated vehicle module allows you to take care of your fleet
  • The human resource feature with instant reports manages human resources 

7. improveit 360

The restoration scheduling software comes with purpose-built features. This tool combines industry best practices integration, education, and support with cutting-edge business management. Its various features optimize business tasks for profitability. 

Its improveit 360 Go mobile app is a game changer that can increase sales by up to 79% in the first four months of use. 

Significant features of this software are:

  • CRM and lead management
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Sales reporting and quoting 

8. EZ Inspections

This software for property restoration streamlines business management and automates field operations. You can rely on it to minimize manual work to make your staff happier and more productive. With this tool, tasks are done every time to exceed your client’s expectations.

EZ Inspections has a website feature, and a mobile app, that integrates with your other systems. Your data is stored for seven years without extra charges.

Notable features of EZ Inspections:

  • Communication between office and field staff
  • Mapping, location, and routing 
  • Invoicing, billing, and client pay
  • Customer support and training 

9. Job-Dox

The software for damage restoration services allows you to spend more time growing your business instead of struggling with daily management tasks. You can check the progress of active projects to boost customer satisfaction and profits. 

Job-Dox seamlessly shares task paperwork with third parties. This tool tracks emails, phone calls, and texts while you look for new leads. 

Outstanding features of this software:

  • Customers can view photos
  • Project updating from anywhere
  • Automated business processes
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface 

10. Encircle

Look no further when looking for the best all-in-one field documentation solution. Encircle visually creates documents and creates high-quality reports. Its suck-free mobile experience avoids losing paperwork, late nights at the office, and chasing down missing info. 

With this tool, office and field teams are connected in real time. Data is delivered from the field to the office right as it happens. 

Encircle’s features are:

  • Custom digital forms
  • Remote document signing
  • Efficient and organized reports 
  • Job documentation 
  • Automated reports

11. Xactimate

This software is for estimating property claims in the restoration industry. Xactimate offers accurate estimates and reports for damages, including total damages and minor repairs. The restoration manager software provides pricing data and 3D diagrams.

You can use Xactimate to receive and submit estimates and valuation tasks to adjusters, staff, and contractors. A 3D feature allows rotating, altering colors, and zooming in and out. It’s accessible in the browser and mobile app so adjusters can make modifications at any time anywhere. 

What to expect when using Xactimate.

  • Invoice insurance companies
  • Supplement services
  • Estimate writing
  • Data security 

12. JobNimbus

Smart business owners use JobNimbus to save time and money, boost profitability, and enjoy peace of mind. The tool was built by contractors to help other contractors take their businesses to the next level. 

JobNimbus easily organizes operations, and tracking, and automates work. Streaming your workflow saves time, money, and sanity. It’s accessible on the web and mobile while you can stay connected with your team and customers through email, chat, and calls. 

Features of this restoration contractor software include.

  • Organize leads
  • Optimize sales
  • Project management 
  • Streamlined billing 

13. Albi

This is a single platform for managing all operations of a restoration business. Business owners can expect a boost in efficiency, complete more tasks, and get paid faster. Albi seamlessly integrates with thousands of industry-leading apps to consolidate operations. 

Onboarding is easy every step of the way backed with same-day customer support with a seven-minute response time. The best restoration project management software ensures your business remains competitive as operations become complex.

Features to expect from Albie:

  • Automated business solutions
  • Job management
  • Field documentation
  • Easy-to-set up and intuitive CRM

14. System100

The feature-rich restoration workflow software gives business owners the power to grow their ventures. The software is easy to learn and train staff on its use. It’s customizable to mirror the way your business operates. 

This software for damage restoration companies streamlines operations for growth and boosts profitability. It also eliminates inefficiency and waste. 

System100 features that will bring your business to order and greatness:

  • Daily routine checklists
  • Job ticket update
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Employee evaluation system
  • Repair request system

15. Assured JobCheck

With this restoration management software, property owners enjoy the comfort and guard against insurance claims. It’s easy to use for first-time users and personalized customer service is always available. 

The quick-start approach makes business owners get started fast to scale their businesses regardless of size. You can send real-time updates of documents, photos, notes, or critical information to your team in the field. 

Outstanding features of Assured JobCheck.

  • Team communication in the field
  • Packout lists
  • Photos, notes, and documentation
  • Customizable tools 

Comparison Table: Choose Your Best

Here’s a highlight of the best restoration project management software features to look for when choosing one for your needs. 

SoftwareKey featuresPricingAppCustomer support
User rating
FieldCompleteScheduling and dispatching
Job management
Customer management
Invoicing and payments
FreeYesPhone number
Social media
Live chat
Contact form
PSA RestorationAnalytics
Job management
Phone number
Contact form
Restoration ManagerDocument and photo management
Tasks and compliance
Date and progress tracking
Phone number
Contact form
DASH Restoration Business ManagementInspection and scoping
Customized workflow builder
Real-time updates
Offline functionality
VariableYesPhone number
Live chat
Contact form
Social media
RestorationXProject tracking
Calendar reminders
Job site photos
LowYesContact form
iRestore Restoration SoftwareJob management
Equipment management
Vehicle management
ModerateYesContact form
Phone number
improveit 360Appointment scheduling
CRM and lead management
Sales reporting and quoting
ModerateYesContact form
Phone number
EZ InspectionsInvoicing and billing
Communication between office and field staff
Mapping, location, and routing
VariableYesPhone number
Contact form
JobDoxCustomer support
Team management
LowYesPhone number
Contact form
EncircleJob documentation
Automated reports
Remote digital signing
Custom digital forms
Phone number
XactimateIntegrated pricing
Invoice insurance companies
Supplement services
Estimate writing
ModerateYesLive chat
Phone support
Contact form
JobNimbusStreamline billing
Organize leads
Optimize sales Manage projects
VariableYesPhone support
Social media
AlbiJob management
Field documentation
LowYesLive chat
Phone support
System100Daily routine checklists
Suggestions for improvement
Employee evaluation system
ModerateNoPhone support
Social media
Assured JobCheckContents management
Automates job sharing
Centralized hub
LowYesPhone support
Contact form

Buying Guide: Pay For What You Need

It’s very important to understand how to improve your restoration business with software today. However, you have to understand how to pick the right digital tools for restoration services. This is important because the right software can significantly enhance business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Here are the factors to consider.

Comprehensive End-to-end Business Solutions

You need a comprehensive solution for your restoration business so your staff doesn’t do double entries on multiple systems. Ideal software should help you get more jobs, get profit from each job, and improve the financial health of your business. 

Ideal restoration client management systems optimize customer relationship management, manage inventory, and offer automatic status updates. 

Supports Efficient Workflow

When choosing management software for your restoration business, choose one that enhances efficient workflow. Access to information in real-time saves business owners from wasting time on the phone or waiting for customers to email back. Restoration business management software that manages multiple customers and stores current job status in the cloud is ideal.

Intuitive Design and Easy to Use 

Ideal restoration industry software solutions allow quick navigation, and inputting of information in different formats, and are easy to personalize. The restoration business digital transformation tool should be intuitive to boost user engagement and productivity. 

Easy Information Sharing 

Restoration jobs usually involve third parties such as property managers, insurance companies, and subcontractors. All these depend on shared files and status updates. Efficiency tools for restoration projects that support seamless information sharing are a game changer. This will stop your team from getting back to the office to upload paperwork. 

Rich Reporting Features

Seamless reporting on business KPIs allows evaluating progress. You need software for water damage restoration for effective management of administrative tasks. This boosts business workflow and profitability. The tool should offer easy access to hours sent on the job, cost of material, and available inventory. 


The restoration manager software price is an important consideration. Each tool has different pricing packages. You have to ensure that you choose one that meets your needs and budget. A good idea is to choose one with a free trial to try its features before choosing a premium package. 

Case Studies: Success Stories in Restoration Management

Here are some success stories of businesses that have effectively utilized FieldComplete as the best restoration project management software. 

Case Study 1: Streamlining Operations with Efficient Job Tracking

XYZ Restoration Services,  a mid-sized restoration company, faced challenges managing multiple projects. Simultaneously, this could cause delays and inefficient resource allocation.


The company implemented FieldComplete with robust job tracking and scheduling features.


  • Improved visibility into ongoing projects.
  • Streamlined scheduling.
  • Reduced project completion times.
  • Enhanced resource allocation.

Case Study 2: Mobile Accessibility for Field Technicians

GHI Restoration, with a team of field technicians, encountered difficulties in coordinating tasks and accessing information while on-site.


The company invested in FieldComplete restoration software with strong mobile accessibility features.


  • Access and update job details in real-time
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster response to emergencies

Case Study 3: Real-time Data Access for Informed Decision-Making

DEF Rapid Response, a large-scale restoration company, faced challenges in obtaining real-time data for quick decision-making, impacting overall efficiency.


The company adopted FieldComplete restoration software with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.


  • Instant access to critical data
  • Improved data-driven insights 
  • Reduced delays in response times and issue resolution

Future of Restoration Management: Trends and Predictions 2024

Adoption of advanced technologies In the restoration industry enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Here are some of the trends likely to take center stage in 2024.

  • Cloud-based solutions will become more popular for remote accessibility and collaboration.
  • Mobile capabilities will increase for the field staff to access information in real-time. 
  • Integration of IoT devices to monitor environmental conditions in real time will prevail.
  • Dependence on data analytics and artificial intelligence or machine learning for actionable insights and optimized decision-making.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Sustainability and green practices will continue to be addressed by software features to offer eco-friendly solutions. 

There’s great anticipation that 2024 will have endless opportunities for growth and profitability for owners of restoration businesses. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration anticipates the frequency of climate-related accidents such as floods and hurricanes. These are expected to rise due to population growth and human-related factors 

These events have the potential to cause billion-dollar damages that need restoration services/ The affected property owners will need to restore and rebuild their properties. 

Another factor is the presence of older buildings across the country. These are more likely to leak or get other damages that demand restoration. Home homeowner’s insurance requires restoration services done by professionals to fix fire or water damage. So, property owners must seek professional restoration services. 

Integrating Restoration Software into Your Business

Here’s a recap of why to integrate the best restoration project management software into your business.

  • Manage job operations
  • Track equipment and inventory
  • Field staff have greater accountability for inventory 
  • Holistic visibility into your business
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders


Consider FieldComplete as a paramount solution for restoration business management. The software’s features will revolutionize your operations. With a user-friendly interface, seamless mobile accessibility, and affordability, FieldComplete will empower your team to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Make a smart choice today for the future of your restoration business and experience a transformative journey to operational excellence.