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Invoicing software

Take prepayments, create single and bulk invoicing. Save time and get paid faster.

Field Service Invoicing Software

Field Service Invoicing Software

Create professional-looking invoices in the office or in the field. Wherever you are, you can always generate accurate custom invoice in one click.

Convert estimates into invoices
Create single and bulk invoices
Enable invoice scheduling
Work from any device and instantly sync data
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"The best design and development teams have understood the importance of creating systems that are both engaging and easy to use."

"I love the features and ease of just scheduling work to our technicians wherever and whenever without having to drive to the office to do it!"

"Use of pictures, chats, and information in the work orders is easy to find with the job ID or the work order number."

"Field Complete is simple to use, user-friendly and has reasonable pricing. I have been able to effectively run my appliance care business with this software tool!"

Best All-in-one Invoicing Software

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Charge On-Site
Field Complete Invoicing Software allows you to charge your customers on-site via mobile app. Think of the Field Complete mobile app as a point of sale(POS) terminal for every employee in your company.
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Partial Invoicing
Field Complete Invoicing Software allows you to create partial invoices for materials or split longer projects into two or more payments. You can even invoice every line item separately in Field Complete.
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Partial Payments
Field Complete invoicing software allows you to have multiple payments per invoice and one payment for multiple invoices, also known as bulk invoicing.
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Invoicing Automation
Field Complete invoicing software automates away most of the invoicing for you. Once the job is completed, your customer is notified, and payment is collected. You no longer need to chase your customers around as the software will automatically notify the customer if there is a past due payment.
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Bill Later
Field Complete invoicing software allows you to invoice customers on the spot or bill them later. This is incredibly convenient for companies that work with property managers and insurance companies.
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The user should click on the New Invoice button in the Budget tab on the Project Details screen to create an invoice. Users can then choose which Jobs or Line Items are added to the invoice.
Technicians can charge users on-site via FC mobile app or add payment via the Budget tab on the Project Details screen.
To view invoices, users should visit the Budget tab on the Project details page.
Yes, you can customize the details of your invoices however you see fit.
Yes, you can create a partial invoice and send a second invoice automatically once the project is complete.
Yes, another way to help ensure you get paid on time is to ask for partial payment upfront. It is possible to request deposit before beginning work and then invoice for the remainder once the project is complete.
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Invoice and Billing Software

Invoicing Software

Collecting payment is one of the most critical and complex parts of a service business. A slow invoicing process creates issues for everyone. Technicians are required to fill out customer information by hand, leading to more manual work and potential for errors. Many field service companies kick the can down the road and deal with their finances over the weekends or in the evening. These problems are even more prevalent when companies receive jobs from property managers or insurance companies. Contractors are constantly dealing with issues collecting their payment due to some missing data which needs to be submitted to multiple different portals. With Field Complete’s invoicing software, your technicians will have access to all your customer information, making it easy to pre-fill fields and create professional-looking invoices right on the spot. Field Complete invoicing features automate many processes like invoicing and payments.

Field Complete made invoicing simpler so you can get paid faster.

What is Invoicing Software?

Invoicing Software is a tool that automates billing and payment processes by listing all the services provided along with their prices and then sends the invoice to your customers. A proper invoice must include details of the service provided, names and contact information, costs breakdown, payment details, and etc. Manually inputting all that information takes time away from your business. It is common not to have a department that oversees finance and handles all accounts as a small business owner. But this means that the invoice system most small businesses currently use is inefficient and the longer it takes to send out an invoice, the longer it takes for you to get paid. Not to mention, if you don’t have an efficient billing software for small business, late payments pile up quickly. All of this makes it a challenge for a small business owner to keep above water. Field Complete invoicing software for small businesses prevents this from happening by automating an entire process. The invoice system offers the tools to enable in-person contactless payments. This way your technician can create an invoice and collect the payment before he even drives away. It’s that easy.


How Can Field Complete Help You With Invoicing and Billing?

Field Complete’s business invoice software is simple and easy to use. Service businesses are turning to billing and invoicing software because the customers no longer want to pay via cash or check. An Invoice program can improve cash flow and relationships with customers by automating the whole process. The problem is that most of these softwares were created for accounting or other non service based businesses, they are overpriced and complicated to use. Field Complete is the only software designed specifically for field service with a focus on small businesses, because someone needs to look out for the little guy! If you're looking for an affordable invoice billing software that is simple to use, well-structured, and configurable, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Convert estimates into invoices

  • Collect contactless payments

  • Create single and bulk invoices

  • Automated invoice scheduling

  • Send invoices from the office or the field

  • Keep your accounting organized

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