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Field Complete Bridging the Gap Between Service Companies and Consumers with the “Uber For Home Services”

New Orleans, Louisiana

Field Complete, a configurable field service software that provides an all-in-one solution for service providers to better manage their business, technicians, and customers, has launched a new platform that allows for greater collaboration between their growing network of service providers—and sets the stage for a consumer-facing app that will finally bring reliable on-demand service providers to the consumer market.

The service industry is reliant on referrals and job sharing. Currently in beta testing in the Atlanta market, Field Complete’s new provider network operates on a proprietary business rule engine, which allows service providers within multiple industries to optimize the referral and job sharing process directly through the Field Complete software; instead of using inefficient methods to assign work to service partners, providers are able to assign jobs directly through the software, track the progress of each job, get real-time feedback on performance and client issues, and collect valuable data to optimize future jobs. The Field Complete service provider network gives users an unprecedented amount of control over the outsourcing process, making it fast, simple, and easy to provide additional services to their clients—without risking their reputation.

Field Complete’s network of service providers is growing rapidly as a result of the software’s built-in incentive program. “Our clients introduce Field Complete to their vendors and contractors because it helps them be more efficient as well as cutting down on subscription costs,” says Tim Tesluck, COO of Field Complete.

The service provider network also lays the foundation for the next phase of the Field Complete software, an “Uber for home services” that will allow consumers to quickly and easily access a reliable, credentialed network of service providers with the click of a button. While many companies have tried and failed to create a technology that instantly connects consumers with service providers, Field Complete is poised to corner the market by leveraging its existing networks of service providers and optimizing its job sharing platform—allowing consumers to instantly connect with qualified technicians in the same way they use ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft.

“With over 30 years of cumulative field service experience, our team is uniquely positioned to bring this long-awaited technology to the market,” says Tesluck. “We’re taking the approach of ‘built for the industry by the industry.’”

About Field Complete

Created by a team of service industry and software veterans, Field Complete is an all-in-one software solution that allows service providers to manage their technicians, work orders, and customers from a single, customizable platform. In addition to their software, Field Complete is also currently developing a comprehensive service provider network, job sharing platform, and consumer-facing app.

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