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Who is Field Complete? Learn more about us and how we’re changing the game for service-based businesses

Field Complete is building the next generation of field service software from the inside out. Developed by a team of founders with over 30 collective years of experience in real estate, property maintenance, building, and development, Field Complete was created to fill a widening gap in the market between what service providers needed to be successful and the tools available to help them manage their businesses.

Before Field Complete, there was no all-in-one solution to help service providers manage a high volume of work orders, B2B and B2C customers, and both vendors and in-house technicians; business owners were having to piece together a solution from the variety of softwares on the market that tackled one - but not all - of their issues, severely limiting their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

We knew the right field service software would require a continuously updatable platform that would allow our clients to expand without being held back by the limitations of the software and to feel empowered by the flexibility which would enable and motivate expansion, automation, and error preventative operations.

In order to fill this gap, we partnered with a top-notch development team to create an all-in-one software solution that addressed each of these operational issues and offered an easy-to-manage and customizable platform for service providers.

Our software was created with the support of clients, office personnel, technicians, and contractors in the field who offered real-time feedback; that feedback was then used to shape the software to best fit each sector’s individual needs.

This not only insured the practical and competitive edge of our software but also brought us to a realization of how to best serve the next generation of service businesses.

Field Complete is the end result of our efforts and offers the only all-in-one software solution for service providers on the market today.

With unparalleled customization options and an easy-to-use platform, Field Complete is completely revolutionizing the service industry. Join the revolution today.


We’re customer obsessed

For us, relationships come first. We treat every customer’s business like it was our own.


We do the right thing

At Field Complete, doing the right thing is a non-negotiable. We believe in honesty, integrity, and transparency.


We think global

Our goal is to scale a network of vendors to create a transparent shared ecosystem that benefits all.

Team Member

Roman G. Rusev

CEO & Founder

With over 17 years of experience in real estate, investment and development, and property management, Roman is a leader who drives massive success through inspiring the best in his teams. With experience leading international companies, he’s committed to expanding FieldComplete on a global scale.

Team Member

Tim M. Tyslyuk

COO & Founder

As Chief Operating Officer, Tim is responsible for overseeing all daily operations, including sales, engineering, and administration. With over 6 years of experience in software development, Tim’s diverse engineering, management and start-up background gives him the full-cycle understanding necessary to successfully run FieldComplete operations.
Team Member

Sergey Glushchak

CPO & Founder

With over 10 years of experience working in the field as a service provider, Co-founder Sergey Glushchak was part of the driving strategy behind the Field Complete software and brings an invaluable perspective on what field service personnel want and need in a software. Glushchak is a dedicated leader committed to seeing Field Complete (which he considers his highest accomplishment) expand globally.

Team Member

Vlad Rymarev

CTO & Founder

As a cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, Vlad has been a driving force behind the development of our software. His experience in architecture and development of workflow softwares for Fortune 500 companies has been an invaluable asset to FieldComplete.

Team Member

Harry Prutyanu

Director of Quality

As Director of Quality, Hariton is responsible for overseeing the quality team and ensuring an unparalleled software experience for all of FieldComplete’s clients. His experience working in quality control at large corporations like Wells Fargo and Intel as well as within Silicon Valley has been crucial in developing and maintaining the integrety of the FieldComplete software and delivering a positive experience for our clients.
Team Member

Nerses Margaryan

Director of Sales

As Director of Sales, Nerses is responsible in leading operations from marketing, sales, to ensuring an unmatched client experience. With a background in scalable technologies and team development, to now having an in depth knowledge of the software experience, he liaisons any array of challenges from client troubles to corporate revisions. He has been commissioned with envisioning and leading the full sales cycle and manages domestic and business development abroad.

Team Member

Mariana Berezovska

Director of Marketing

With over seven years of experience in digital marketing and customer relations, Mariana is responsible for driving the marketing strategy. Her vast experience in strategy development, planning, and execution are invaluable to getting Field Complete into the hands of the service providers who need it most.

Team Member

Nikita Koba

Customer Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager, Nikita is responsible for customer support and customer service. With a background in operations in the housing industry, Nikita brings an in-depth understanding of the problems service providers face managing technicians and work orders.

Team Member

Yuri Tymoshchuk

Front End Engineer

Yuri is a lead front-end developer in Field Complete. Working with different parts of web development for nearly ten years, Yuri is now focusing on front-end, taking care of efficient web solutions. He is constantly on the lookout for the latest updates in tech industry.

Team Member

Nikita Pinkin

Quality Assurance Engineer

Nikita brings extensive experience in the quality assurance space to his role at FieldComplete. As Quality Assurance Engineer, Nikita helps to oversee the development, testing, and evolution of the FieldComplete software.