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5 Tips for Achieving Top Rated Customer Satisfaction

Service providers are always looking to upgrade their Customer Experience strategy from good to excellent. Unfortunately for most of them, they’re still missing the mark.


The problem is a big difference in expectations. While suppliers are often focused on the delivery of new technologies, customers expect personalized, real-time communications and transparency in the delivery of all services.


Customers are not only comparing you to the service of other companies in your industry, but are also comparing you to any other service they experienced before. This means that your customer experience is being compared to things like Airbnb, Uber and Amazon, even if your service is nothing like theirs. These five tips will help you stand out among the comparisons:


Simple and fast processes


Nowadays, customers want things to be as simple as is possible. Paper documents and time-wasting procedures that make your customers wait for service are not going to impress. Their time is valuable, and companies that don’t recognize this are in for a negative comparison. Convenient communication and services, like digital signatures, credit card payment, SMS notifications, and interactive communication on social networks, are the attributes of great customer experience strategy.


Excellent knowledge is a big part of customer loyalty


Trustworthiness is the most important thing that modern customers look for. One way to ensure that you are trustworthy in the eyes of the customer is to train your techs handling customer services to be experts about the company’s services, rather than requiring that they follow a pre-scripted speech for every interaction. Finally, be sure that your team is able to actually offer solutions when they’re trying to help your customers, rather than having to constantly refer to supervisors to get solutions.


While your team should be made up of experts in their field, you can’t expect them to always have the answer to everything. But you can make sure they have access to the right information at all times. Provide a centralized database of information, which techs and reps can access anytime.


Digital channels


Customers want convenient service that works best for their busy lifestyle, which is why digital channels are preferred. Give them a website, social media profiles, email address, and messenger apps, rather than making them call you.


Self-support options


Simple service and support systems must include self-support options, such as an online-payment platform, appointment booking, and repair scheduling. Modern customers are self-sufficient and they don’t like to spend time waiting on the line to perform these basic actions.


Getting feedback


The only way to find out if your customer is satisfied with your company is to talk to the customer. The best way to get as much customer feedback is to keep your surveys and questionnaires under a couple of minutes. Very few people will take time out of their day to complete a survey at all, so be sure to make it easy for them. Also, try to send out the survey as soon as you can after the customer engages with your company. For example, the day after a service visit is the latest you should send a survey asking about the customer’s experience with that visit.


When you are getting all of this feedback, be sure that you get value out of the scores. Find out what it was that prompted the score the customer gave you. Even if you think you got a pretty good score, like an eight, always ask what could have bumped you up to a 10. And if you got a 10? Ask what it was that you did right, so you know for the future.


Follow these tips to achieve better customer satisfaction, and your company will soon be the new standard by which other companies are rated.